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My publications are available via the store. You can also pay for research packages through my store. If you are looking for t-shirts, mouse pads, tote bags, etc, they are available in my CafePress store.

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In addition to the books in my own online store, I am co-author of a number of research guides on Family History Expos website. (see PDF flyer here)

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About Arlene Eakle's Genealogy Books

We have been selling genealogy how-to books since 1964 through the Genealogical Institute, Inc., its predecessor Genealogical Copy Service, and its dba Family History World (est. 1976). The need for a how-to-book on the research process in its entirety was high then and is still high today--almost 40 years later. Most genealogy how-to books, however, are only source guides. They describe records in categories; some even use sample documents as illustrations. None of them present the entire research process. And none of these guides actually asks the reader to act. None, that is, except Family History For Fun and Profit and our publications based on this method of research. Other guides expect you to know how to search automatically and what to do with all of the data you collect. Our genealogy books take you by the hand and show you how!

Arlene Eakle, with her Webmaster Kathryn Bassett Selling Genealogy Books, Southern California Jamboree, June 2008
Arlene Eakle with her Webmaster Kathryn Bassett
Selling Genealogy Books, Southern California Jamboree, June 2008

How do you put all your stuff together?

An accurate family tree is linked by relationship a generation at a time. Too many pedigrees are linked by name and date only, with little regard for relationship.

So Linda Brinkerhoff, Afton Reintjes, and I have written a whole series of genealogy research “show you how” books applying our own prize-winning, successful research process to special genealogy strategies no other publisher offers. Using these amazing guides, you too, can link your ancestral families by relationship. And we have made over a $1,000,000.00 (yes, a million dollars) doing professional genealogy research using the exact research techniques we show you within the pages of our books. You can trust these tools. We have a 96% success rate using these strategies and tools. You, too, will have 96% success following our step-by-step directions.

Research is jurisdictional

Each of our books is based on the "Jurisdictional Approach:" The sources you search are created by different levels of authority called jurisdictions. These record-keeping authorities have specific interest and responsibility for your ancestors given them by the government your ancestors elected. If you search the right jurisdictions, you find your ancestors.

We guarantee that you can find, and document, and prove the relationships of your ancestors:
1. ...If you profile your ancestor first, summarizing all that you and your family members know about that person.
2. ...If you summarize the facts, usually in chronological order, and match them with your family traditions, as well as your own personal knowledge and the personal knowledge of other family members.
3. ...If you search jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction, in pre-planned order, seeking additional information to expand and enhance the data you started with.
4. ...If you combine what you find in the records of each jurisdiction, building your lineage generation-by-generation, expanding what you know with what the records tell you.

Your guarantee from us:
We guarantee you will prove the generation links and document your traditions, by following the step-by-step directions in each book. You will create a pedigree and a supporting family history that is linked by relationship and documented with proof! One that you can share with pride!

This is our guarantee to you--or your money cheerfully refunded up to 12 months from the date you purchase any genealogy research guide from us.