Photos from Eastern Research Trip October 2007
Getting 300 Books Packed to Take Home to Utah

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Dolly Ziegler used to proofread genealogy books and got unbound copies that she was allowed to keep. Because she was moving, she decided to donate them to Arlene's library. Dolly put them all in Girl Scout Cookie boxes in advance of our arrival but left them untaped in case we decided to put them in larger boxes. I (webmaster & photographer Kathryn) was thrilled that they were unbound because I had calculated space for bound books. It meant that none had to go in a roof carrier. The first picture is of taping up the boxes. My husband had made some boards for me to use to keep the boxes from going forward or backward in case of a sudden stop. To that, I added cargo netting to tighten it all together. On one side, we left enough room for the insulated bag we call our refrigerator (blue in 6th picture), and the other side for the box with the currently in use client materials (seen in 5th picture). Then in the back, on either side of my scooter, we tied down all our bags with clothing etc., and our "pantry" box. Although the last picture was taken before we put all the things in the back, you can see we were happy to get all the book packing finished.