Photos from Eastern Research Trip October 2007 - page 1

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Click on a thumbnail to see a larger view of picture, then use your browser's back key to come back here. The numbers are the dates so that you can figure out what libary or courthouse we are in.

And away we go Entrance to Genealogy Room DPL In the stacks DPL
8th - and away we go 9th - Denver Public Library 9th - In the stacks
tour Arlene and James
9th - James K. Jeffrey leading a tour of the Fort Collins Newcomers’ Alumni Association Genealogical Sleuths 9th - Arlene Eakle and James K. Jeffrey, the Special Collection Librarian of the Western History/Genealogy Department 10th - Republic County Courthouse in Belleville Kansas
10th - Discovering the Treasurer’s Warrant Register Issued to Sheriff 11th - Entrance to the Genealogy Department at St. Louis Public Library taken before we were told we can't take pictures there. 15th - Allen County Public Library in Ft Wayne IN, entrance to Genealogy Department
15th - Genealogy Department helping patrons 15th - Curt Witcher, head of the Genealogy Department, and Arlene 15th - Arlene's just finished a report to client Debbie (Carder) Mayes
15th - Since there is Wi-Fi here, Kathryn set up all her toys, including two external hard drives, one for the web site stuff, and one for backup. 17th - Enough pictures for Western Reserve that it needs a page of its own. 18th - Kathryn went to Cleveland Public Library while Arlene was in her meeting
19th - A little blurry, sorry, but the sign speaks for itself. This is in Carlisle PA 19th - The larger view of Cumberland County Historical Society 20th - Maryland Historical Society
20th - Maryland Historical Society (closeup) 20th - Maryland Historical Society reading room 20th - "Fireside" talk given in Lutherville MD
  20th - "Fireside" was suggested by our Balitmore hostess Dolly Ziegler (right) to her friend Kathie Feldtman (left) who set things up for us.