Photos from Eastern Research Trip October 2007 - page 3

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25th - Wise Historical Society 25th - Wise Historical Society - Arlene Eakle and Bill Porter 25th - Wise Historical Society - Paul Kilgore
25th - Wise Historical Society - Bill Porter and Paul Kilgore 25th - Wise Historical Society - Denver Osborne Sr showing off his book Wise County Apple Blossoms of Yesteryear 26th - Virginia Tech Special Collections and the Colonel Temple Heraldry Collection. John M. Jackson, Library Assistant, Special Collections. Amy Shaffer Vilelle, Manuscripts Librarian, Digital Library and Archives. Jenny Vipperman, Student Asst., Special Collections. Amy and Jenny brought book after book for us to search.
27th - Pikeville College, home of the Allara Library 27th - Allara Library - Mindy Robertson opening the "Closed" Library for us. By Appointment. 27th - Peaking into the Special Collections room at Allara Library
29th - Citizens Library in Washington PA   29th - Asst. Law Librarian Patricia Stavovy at the courthouse in Washington PA
31st - Smiley’s Steakhouse, 108 S 5th St Adair Iowa 50002 opened 26 Oct 2007 and we ate here 30 Oct 2007. Very much a family enterprise. Mark Arnburg, owner; Deb Ruud, General Manager and Head Chef, Susan DeJong, Public Relations and Dessert Chef, Jon DeJong, Front of House Manager. Deb and Susan are sisters, Mark is their brother who bank-rolled the enterprise. Jon is Susan's husband.