Family History for Fun and Profit
Simplify Your Work Using Arlene Eakle’s Insider Secrets - Secrets Developed Over 30 Years of Professional Genealogy Experience

Secrets that not one in a hundred genealogists knows about – Secrets now published in a step-by-step, easy to follow research system: Family History for Fun and Profit

(out of print, being revised, tentative reprint fall 2015)

Do you find yourself spending more and more of your time on your family history? Is your family history becoming your number one priority? Then, this guide is for you. Simplify your work using Arlene Eakle’s insider secrets – Secrets developed over 30 years of professional genealogy experience. Secrets that not one in a hundred genealogists knows about – Secrets now published in a step-by-step, easy-to-follow research system.

60,000 thousand copies already sold

Actually, over 60,000 copies of this amazing guide, Family History for Fun and Profit written by Arlene Eakle and Linda Brinkerhoff have already been sold in previous editions. And Linda and I began to update it for the 21st century – to add new vendors, current addresses, better aids and products developed in the last 5 years, research shortcuts, and new checklists.

Yeah, right … We started to update the book and we ended up completely re-writing it. We added the new search strategies and analysis tools we had developed in our professional genealogy research work for the more than 600 research clients we have traced one or more pedigree lines for, and over 400 consultation clients we coached so they could trace their family history themselves. Now you, too, have access to these key strategies, tools, and record checklists – strategies that gave us a 96% success rate consistently over 15 years!

What an awesome experience! To discover that not only had we developed research shortcuts and insider secrets (apparently used only by us!) by working on so many different pedigree lines and tracing so many families from different ethnic backgrounds – but we also successfully found difficult-to-identify ancestors 96% of the time using these same strategies.

You too, for the very first time, can use these same search strategies on your own pedigree families or to increase your success rate for families you research professionally. Each strategy is described in detail and written down for you in a step-by-step format: original record sources which identify hard-to-find-ancestors, URLs for key websites – not all genealogy sites, just those you need now to discover when someone else is tracing your family or what records are already digitized for instant searching email addresses to speed-up your genealogy correspondence phone numbers – especially toll-free access, so you don’t have to hunt these numbers yourself complete addresses for genealogy computer software programs featuring specialized skills sample record-keeping forms that simplify and guide your analysis of family history facts and help you spot gaps or conflicts in evidence and proof specific step-by-step instructions on where you can look next full author-title-publisher information for recommended readings, so you can track genealogy reference works in library catalogs and online bookstores

“I had 25 clients at a time when I was doing professional research and I would never have been able to keep their research going without the record keeping system in Family History for Fun and Profit. I cannot tell you how important your genealogy research system has been to me.” Barbara Dalby, Salt Lake City UT

No conventional “wisdom” – No untested theories!

Arlene Eakle and Linda Brinkerhoff have personally applied each and every strategy, visited each archive and library, checked each website, and evaluated each and every source described and recommended. And every step we suggest to you is directly focused on finding your most difficult to identify forebears – even those buried deeply inside little-known or often overlooked sources. You can follow these step-by-step instructions easily to discover these “hidden” ancestors no one else can tell you how to locate!

See, what we recommend you do is based on more than 25 years of continuous research experience proving family trees. These steps aren’t wild guesses or things we think should work. No. What you’re going to discover are techniques and methods that make so much sense, after you read about them that you’ll slap yourself upside your head and say to yourself, “duh…why didn’t I think of that?”

Everything you get from us – every strategy, every source, every research aid, every website, every example – we tested over time, tweaking and re-testing until it worked. And each step is focused directly on your being able to DO IT YOURSELF!

You’ll discover:

  • A fill-in-the-blanks, paint-by-numbers formula that anyone can use to plan wall-busting searches (hint: this One Secret alone is worth the price of the whole book).
  • Why so many genealogists search fruitlessly with the approaches they use (hint: they overlook what seems so obvious to us).
  • The biggest mistake almost all genealogists make – which virtually assures you won’t find traces of your ancestor either – and how to avoid this deadly mistake.
  • The search sequence that MUST be followed if you want to identify your hard-to-find ancestor (hint: skip even ONE step of this sequence and the answers may stay hidden from you, too, as it has from so many others).
  • How to get started from square one – even if you know nothing about research in libraries or on the internet.
  • Why the MYTH that “my genealogy is already done” is not true! (hint: Aunt Martha did not do it all)
  • Why the research formula, 99.9% of all genealogists use, is guaranteed to cause you frustration and failure (hint: you’ll be shocked at how simple the right formula is and how you, too, can enjoy a 96% success rate tracing any difficult to trace ancestor).
  • What the REAL insider secret is that no genealogy guide tells you about and why knowing this ONE secret will save you countless hours of “nil” results.
  • What Arlene Eakle’s jealously guarded, super-charged, secret strategy is … and how to use it to extend your pedigree quickly and correctly (hint: not one in a hundred genealogists knows this amazing insider secret!)

Ok, so here’s the deal. Arlene Eakle and Linda Brinkerhoff have committed their unique, insider professional skills and techniques to writing – over 450 pages (8 1/2 X 11 size). Family History for Fun and Profit is a world-class guide delivering self-help to you in super-friendly, easy to follow steps. These steps have been responsible for more than 60,000 thousand genealogists – just like you, who want to track their ancestors themselves – finding their ancestors better and easier and quicker than would be possible any other way.

“I have used 5 different genealogy systems – none worked until I tried Family History for Fun and Profit. It is the only genealogy, system that works.” Carol Buswell, Littlerock CA

Teaches the analysis of evidence

Family History for Fun and Profit is a totally captivating text to read – and most important of all, beats any other research text around in the way it teaches the analysis of evidence. Other genealogy guides discuss the sources and where to find them. Family History for Fun and Profit teaches you how to use these sources to prove your ancestry and build an accurate, true family tree!

“Your book is certainly a fine one. Its range is impressive, its information is comprehensive, and its presentation is effective. In fact, we have been forced to conclude that, in view of its availability, our project is superfluous.” – William W. Savage, Jr., University of Oklahoma Press

If you are serious about your family history and find it creeping into your thoughts and conversations daily, you need Family History for Fun and Profit by Arlene Eakle and Linda Brinkerhoff.

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Arlene Eakle

P.S. Family History for Fun and Profit is in 14 point type. Carol Callard, former Genealogy Librarian of the Michigan Library, bought the book because “the type size was made for my eyes.” We did this on purpose – many of our readers now have bifocal vision or use reading glasses to see the fine print. You can read this book with the naked eye!