My Genealogy Christmas Gift
No-Risk Acceptance Form
(Submit by July 31st for Christmas delivery)
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Evening Phone____________________
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Arlene, I want to hire you and your staff to prepare a special genealogy Christmas Gift so I can share in all the genealogy excitement and fun with my family Christmas.  I have marked the project I want and the payment option best for me.  Get right to work---I am so excited about sharing my family history for Christmas!

I have looked at your Research Grant and have decided that I want package #_____

Payment Option 1
__Pay in full  (We accept personal checks and major credit cards).
    Check #_____ Amount _______
    Credit Card:  Amount_______ Exp date_______
    MC__ VISA__ Am Exp __: #__________________________
    Name on card_____________________________________
Payment Option 2
__Bill 2 separate credit cards, 30 days apart:
     Credit Card 1:  Amount______Exp date_______
     MC__ VISA__ Am Exp__: #___________________________
     Name on card:____________________________________
     Credit Card 2:  Amount______Exp date_______
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     Name on Card:____________________________________
FAX # (if you have one) ________________________
(Arlene, I authorize you to contact me about my genealogy--
by phone, email, FAX, or postal address.)
Arlene Here are the facts--I have written out all that I know about the ancestor I want you to research.  I have summarized the family traditions and legends about this ancestor.  And I have also enclosed my payment.  Please get right to work.

(Computer-generated pedigree and family charts, with notes, are acceptable for your lineage and the names of parents, children, spouses, etc.  You can submit paper copies, disc, or CD.  Remember, the more you tell us, the more we can find that matches, and the better chance we have of finding more.)