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Dear Clients and Friends of Arlene Eakle, The Genealogical Institute, Inc., and The Genealogy Library Center, Inc. in Tremonton Utah:

First, Many Thanks! Let me thank you for choosing me as your favorite genealogist. Your ancestors present the kind of genealogy challenge I love. And each genealogy project I work on, is as if these people were my own ancestors. So you receive my very best work.

My phone is a land line (because I live at the end of the world) and you can call me on this phone--435-257-6649. Best times to reach me: before 9:00am and after 7:00pm (mountain time). During the day, if I am working on my computer, I answer this telephone. I spend a lot of time at the Library doing research.

My residence is next to a large county high school and on a very busy road. So I discontinued home delivery of mail and packages. Please use my PO Box 129, Tremonton UT 84337-0129 address. Your mail won‘t get lost and this address is advertised and listed on my website.

Second, Genealogy sources, understood thoroughly, enable me to trace your hard-to-find ancestors with success. Think about it… When I was working on my PhD at the University of Utah I was fortunate to get a supervising professor who accepted my request to spend a full semester studying the books at the Family History Library—book by book. “What an interesting idea,” he replied.

So I secured permission from the Library Director to set a chair in the book aisles and look at each and every book on the shelves. I took each book off the shelf, examined it. Made notes on its contents. Took page-shots of significant pages. Copied articles that discussed in detail specific record categories; articles that included illustrations of historical documents with genealogy details; and articles that demonstrated how to interpret and use each document.

And I still have file cabinets full of those notes and page-shots. If I have a question about a specific record–examples and descriptions of these genealogy resources are only a few steps away from my study desk at home—along with directions of how to apply them to trace and prove your family tree.

Genealogy Sources Understood Thoroughly--In short, my concentrated study that semester, provided me with genealogy sources understood thoroughly. And an understanding of the specific historical evidence required to document and prove your family tree. By the time I graduated some 8 years later, scholars had created finding aids for serial publications and indexes to periodicals listing the titles of articles and the families included in each one. Very helpful and time-saving—just not the same complete overview of records and evidence I gained by looking at the books. You see, it took a while for me to complete my education--I had small children to care for and a genealogy business which I had launched. But, the knowledge of the sources and their evidence was in my head and my heart--to be applied at will on research assignments for clients. Giving you my client--an extraordinary success rate!

Next, My Research Fees are NOT Going Up—Even though costs of copies, while still holding steady, take twice as long to make. Even though online only access to both records and books may require up to 2 hours to upload and study a source because of limited online searchable tools available for that record. Many genealogy projects are two-researcher projects now—to gather the research evidence needed to prove your ancestor connections. This actually gives you better mileage for the research dollars you invest in your family tree. And, my Research Grant Program is still available.

Actually, my Grant Program is more needed more now than ever before:

The United States economy has grown slowly at the top level and some programs at the bottom level are improving conditions for that segment of society. The rest of us seem to be in a slow-moving boat with shoals and sand bars and snags all along our course. New jobs are restricted to 29 hours of work each week so the new hires do not qualify for health insurance and other benefits. And seasoned workers are let go “because they are over-qualified” for the jobs they have.

And while milk prices have increased (we are dairy farmers) and we are no longer losing $200.00 per day per cow, there is still too much month left over at the end of the money—So, I personally know the challenge this economy presents for Americans.

Your Research Grant awaits you: Who better than me to give you a genealogy research break? When we made the decision to keep the Research Grant Program in operation it allows me to offer you affordable genealogy research, + free research hours.

You choose your Research Grant and match it to its respective Research Package (see chart above) to determine what your investment is—

Research Grant #1 $100.00
Research Grant #2 $200.00
Research Grant #3 $300.00
Research Grant #4 $400.00

You can add the grant to your research package and get more research. Or, subtract the grant from the package and pay less. I make up the difference.

Finally, Why Research Takes Time—Instant research reports are self-defeating. You want answers, not just a description of conclusions that could be drawn if we had access to the records. And I prefer to supply proven ancestors--I may have to travel to access pertinent sources not available in Utah or easily searchable on the internet to find the answers. You see, I am one of the few professional genealogists that still does field research. When I know the collection is available that will expand your pedigree–I am unable to waste my time on resources that just might expand it. Getting to the collection is the key.

The speaking schedule I pursue, often takes me close to many genealogy libraries and archives, so I usually try to combine seminars and conferences with time to research these local facilities. And doing two things at once helps keep the costs more reasonable. Such planning takes time.

Where two or more clients share surnames, or localities, or specific categories of sources, I can lump your research together giving you extra mileage on costs and time. Again, planning takes flexibility and time.

Your Genealogy Research Guarantee Requires my Expertise. Since I usually work on the hardest-to-find ancestors, using field researchers to search unfamiliar or complicated records may not be practical. Look, I have trained some really good genealogists. And I utilize their services where I can. Reading property documents—deeds, bounty land grants, tax rolls, original surveys, equity court cases, etc.--is not a chore that I assign to others. Understanding the property process with its accompanying legal background, is more difficult than reading the census–it requires experience as well as study--and may need a visit on the ground to the land itself.

The system of genealogy research I use guarantees a high rate of accuracy and thus, success. It is not, however, a speedy approach. Don’t cheat yourself of the answers I can provide--allow time for your ancestors to be found.

My Areas of Specialty:

  • Southern United States, with special interest in Virginia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Kentucky including Native American ancestry.
  • New York with close neighbors in New England—Vermont, Connecticut, and Rhode Island—and Pennsylvania.
  • British Isles—England Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and the Isles of the Sea. This also includes the Scots-Irish who move from one part of the British Isles to another.
  • A keen interest in Swiss ancestry and some parts of Southern Germany.

These specialties attract clients whose ancestors originate in these places and provide focus for the work that I do. Again, where surnames match, I can combine your surnames with those of other clients in the same records—so you get good mileage for your research dollars.

If you have an ancestor you’ve been looking for more than 20 years, break your losing streak! Turn that project over to my skills and my affordable research packages, especially if you have one or more lines in the same localities. Sign them up, so they can be researched together.

Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle.

PS I also have my own genealogy library in Tremonton Utah that has now grown to more than 100,000 resources. Shortly, these materials will be on shelves, organized and ready to use for your ancestors. If you know of a genealogy collection that is without a secure place, let me know. You could save a genealogist’s life work and gain access to information on your own ancestors!

© 2017 Arlene Eakle.